Aurelia e-assist Bikes started in the early 2017 as an idea which was quickly transformed into action with the help of valuable partners and friends. The idea was to improve people’s lives by getting them from A to B with a safe, fun and sustainable way.



The name Aurelia comes from “Aurelia Aurita”, the scientific name for the Moon Jelly. The Moon Jellyfish uses harmoniously its body and the sea currents to travel, consuming the least possible energy. The coherence was inevitable!



In 2019, on the occasion of the experience of one of us in the tourism industry and all of us in the bike lane, we launched in Naxos island the first ever in Greece, e-bikes rental & sales store. We were the first (and still the only, as far as we know..) who applied a vertical business model of production, sales and rentals under one brand: Aurelia e-assist Bikes.

We produce e-bikes under two main cores:

  1. Trying to cover a wider range of – the everyday changing – customer’s needs.
  2. Stay loyal to our set of production principles, for user friendly, affordable, safe and fun e-bikes.


In our quest to contribute to the #leavenotrace philosophy and meet the rapid growth of micro mobility worldwide, there is now, more than ever, an urgent need to broaden our productive horizons.

With the vision of environmental and traffic decongestion of urban tissue and island regions we are investing in the new “electric” era, following the trend for new, green and affordable ways of commuting. 

The infrastructure that will support them, is another bet that we think it must be won.