About Us


Aurelia e-assist Bikes started in the early 2016 as an idea and it was quickly transformed into action with the help of valuable partners and friends.

It is a Greek designing, manufacturing and importing e-bikes company, soon of e-scooters as well. Our vehicles are designed and manufactured based on EU directives and their standards as well as certified by industry leading companies.

The name Aurelia comes from Aurelia Aurita, the scientific name of the Moon Jelly. Moon Jellyfish uses harmoniously its body and the sea currents to travel, consuming the least possible energy. For us the association seemed obvious!

In 2019, on the occasion of the experience of one of us in the tourism industry and all of us in the bike lane, we launched the first flagship e – bike rentals and sales Aurelia store in Naxos island, aiming of more to come to the islands and mainland.

In our quest to contribute to the #leavenotrace philosophy, there is now, more than ever, an urgent need to broaden our productive horizons.

With the vision of environmental and traffic decongestion of urban tissue and island regions we are investing in the new "electric" era, following the trend for green, affordable and more efficient ways of commuting. The infrastructure that will support them is another bet that we think should be won.

All of the above is what Aurelia stands for us. Now it is time to find out what it means to you!




Green Tourism Awaiting Granding

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