At Aurelia e-assist Bikes we believe that our contribution to the #leavenotrace philosophy is at least a moral obligation.
One of our primary objectives is to develop new strategic partnerships in this direction. Having already experienced fleet management from the rental store in Naxos, we can help you design the management model you desire.

Rental Fleet

For existing or newly established rent a car/moto business, for hotels or villas.

  • Attract travelers already using an electric bike in their country.
  • Attract travelers whose driving license is not valid in Greece or is of limited validity.
  • Easy access to the hotel area, even if you do not have a parking space.
  • Enhance off season traffic by attracting alternative/sports tourism travelers.
  • Boost your green/eco-friendly business profile.
  • Target at a wider age range, unlike conventional bikes where good physical condition is required.
  • Extra value for the customer as no ticket is required on board vessels.
  • Economic and easy management of rentals because:
    1. No service is required in parts with oil, dirt etc.
    2. No insurance is required – can be issued optionally.
    3. Ease of bikes transport (folding frame).
    4. The cost of full charge of the battery at electricity consumption is less than €0,09.
Delivery Vehicles
  • Eco friendly
  • Fuel economy
  • No driver's license is required.
  • Accessibility to roads with a curfew of vehicles, narrow roads, etc.
Corporate Facilities / Campus
  • Strengthening corporate social responsibility
  • Strengthening staff mobility
  • Increase productivity from reducing travel time
Municipalities – Communities
The benefits for the Municipality and the citizens are innumerable. Reach us to design your municipality's e-mobility program to European standards.
  • E-bike sharing programs
  • Charging spots (also possible with photovoltaics)
  • Swap battery spots
Green Tourism Awaiting Granding

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