At our store in Naxos, Greece for start. We are currently expanding our services in other landmarks as well. In any case, contact us and we will do our best!


Autonomy of an e-bike, depends on several factors. Some of these are the rider’s weight, inclination of the ground, use of pedal assist/throttle and of course the wattage and Ah of the battery. With a 48V/ 10Ah battery and a fat bike for example, you could do up to 50 – 55 kms with one full charge.

Both! You can charge the battery whilst inside the bike’s frame or take it out of the frame and charge it separately.  In both cases you use the same charging port, located on the battery side.

Our batteries are designed for more than 600 charging cycles. A charging cycle is considered as a full charge from 0  to 100%. If you make 4 full charges per week => 16 per month =>  192 per year we are taking for more than 3 years lifetime.

No. You need only the provided charger and a simple household power outlet. No worries, the charger is slightly larger than your laptop’s.

According to our calculations and Greek electric power pricing, a full charge of the battery from 0 to 100% fully charged battery, costs 0.09€ – 0.11€.  We promise you won’t see any difference in your monthly account.

Around 3 hours. You can always use it, even if not fully charged, as long as you know how far you want to go.

Li – ion batteries increase their capacity when charged more often. You don’t need to wait for the battery to get fully discharged. Prefer to charge your battery when back home every day and you ‘ll never run out of it.

If you don’t intend to use the battery for more than a month, store it in a cool, dry place. Try to keep it charged to 80% for the period that you don’t use it. In any case charge it once a month for a while. 

Yes! With all our models we issue a 1 year guarantee for the electronic parts of the bike.

Our batteries cost something in between 200 – 300 euros, depending on the type.


Yes! 3 steps folding system is applied to all our folding models. You will need around 20’’ to fully fold the bike.

In the Geometry section of our website you can check all sizing details and recommended rider heights for each model. In any case remember that the height of  both steering and seat post tubes is adjustable.

Yes! All models are equipped with a rear carrier rack on which you can install a child seat. In addition our J20 UPLIFT model is equipped with a second detachable saddle that installs on the rear rack for older children.

If you weigh more than 110 kgs, you will need to check on the specific model you are interested in, on our website. Less than that, would be no problem at all.


Νο! Each country has its own rules that regulate the e-bikes. Within EU, a bicycle of 250W motor and 25km/h max speed is considered as a regular bicycle and you do not need any license to ride it

No! You can ride it as you would with your childhood bike.

No! in most of the EU countries insurance on bicycles is optional. You will need to double check with your country’s regulations. In any case, regular bicycle’s laws apply on our e-bikes as well.


Yes! It is as easy as riding a regular bike. You just don’t put so much effort.

Well, that depends on the hill. 20° or less will feel as straight road. Until 40° will need some effort but the motor will surely help. More than that will need more effort, close to what a regular bike would feel in a 20° inclination.

Pedal assist means that as you pedal the motor kicks in and boosts the bike. The speed in which you pedal is of no concern. As soon as the pedals make a full circle the motor kicks in and moves the bike. Pedaling in a slow, steady rhythm is the best way to enjoy the ride!  

The throttle works the same way it would work on a motorcycle. You can move the bike without pedaling at all. You can still pedal if you like to. But, be careful, as the throttle consumes more battery juice. It is normal, you let the motor do all the hard job.

They represent the effort that the motor puts to assist you. Level 1 is the minimum effort and level 5 is the maximum effort. In level 5 you will reach the max speed of the bike, 25km/h. As larger the level, the more battery juice it consumes. You can always customize e-assist levels from the display of the bike.

The display is like the control panel of your e-bike. It shows your current speed, mileage, battery level and many other things. From the display you can always customize some modes of your e-bike. For example you can increase pedal assist levels from 5 to 7. This way, each level will represent smaller amount of motor effort.


From our store in Naxos or online. You can check our website for details on all our models. You can always send us an e-mail at info@aureliabikes.com or chat with us on our website’s live chat  or FB page.

Yes, we can ship worldwide!

We execute the shipments the next day of your order. The time needed will depend on the shipping company and the distance between Greece and your country.

We always maintain a sufficient stock of spare parts and accessories. Shipping a spare part will not take more than a day, after your request. But, have in mind that due to the use of branded components in our e-bikes, it should be very easy to find a replacement, if you are located far away from Greece.

As you read this,  we are making a trouble-shooting video series with all necessary explanations and guidelines. They will be hosted in a special section on our website. In any case we are famous for our after sales service. Contact us and we will figure it out.